Ayyappa Swamy Deeksha Rules in English and Telugu

Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Deeksha Rules in Telugu

Sabarimala pilgrim is located at periyer tiger reserve in the Western Ghats Mountains of Patanamthitta district pruned Gram-Panchayat in Kerala . In this pilgrimage centre, the god Ayyappa Swamy is located. Many of the devotees are come to this pilgrimage centre for many of the years.

Ayyappa Swami Deeksha Shedule and Procedure

The Ayappa Swami Mala having 41 days and wearing a black dress for a first time mala. For Guriji"s that means 5 times the mala is continuously wearing for that season every year. In that time the devotee who has wearing the mala the following are instructions 

During the mala time to the devotees:

Don’t eat non vegetarian food
Only eat vegetarian items.
Those 41 days they have a bath twice a day and sleeping on the floor for 41 days.
And these people are fasting for 41 days that means one time meals and night time Tiffin to eat
The people which are wearing the ayyappa mala they bajana are conducted at home.
Don’t drink alcohol and smoking.
Don’t speak rubbish language and get up early in the morning

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